Wednesday, November 14, 2012

You can be a killer musician and still not get a forward

"You can be a killer musician and still not get a forward"

That's harsh, but it's true.

You can be an accomplished instrumentalist. Or vocalist. Or all around musician. And that's awesome, it really is. But that doesn't automatically mean you're a shoe-in to get forwards and deals.

Does that seem unfair? Yeah, maybe - but here's why:

Being a an excellent musician is not a prerequisite to getting a forward or a deal. 

There are many artists, musicians, and bands that are not necessarily amazing individually.


They have a great song. A great melody. A great lyric. A great sound. The magic.

You don't have to shred like Steve Vai, sing like Adele, or program like Timbaland to make it in the music industry.

But you do have to have a great song.

And at least be proficient in your recording and presentation of said song.

Dancers have instructors. Athletes have coaches. Authors have editors. And songwriters have TAXI.

I don't work for TAXI, but TAXI works for me!

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